Want to Become a Member?

We are THRILLED that you are interested in joining St. Paul's Lutheran Church!  What does membership at a church mean?

  1. It means that you have a home, a place where you can come and receive God's gifts of Word and Sacrament
  2. It means that you believe in the ministry of the Gospel as proclaimed at this church
  3. It means that you desire to support the church through your time, talents and treasures
  4. It means that you desire your children to also grow in the church, be confirmed and become members themselves one day
  5. It means that, as you get older, you have a church that will be there for you, care for you, pray for you and, upon your death, provide a Christian funeral and burial so that your loved ones can hear the Good News of Christ Jesus who died for you

If you've been attending St. Paul's Lutheran Church, or another LCMS church, for any length of time, you know that we are BIG on teaching and instructing all believers in the Christian faith and in sound doctrine.  So, before you can become a member of St. Paul's, you will need to take part in our New Member Class

The New Member Class is an as-needed class which meets weekly for about 8 weeks (2 months).  You will learn basic Christianity, the history of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, about The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, be introduced to the Lutheran Confessions, and read through St. Paul Lutheran Church's Constitution and Bylaws.  You will be encouraged to ask questions and to pick the pastor's brain so that you do not join lightly or ill informed.  We have nothing to hide; we want you to know as much as you can before becoming a member.

Oh, and incase you're wondering: St. Paul's Lutheran Church follows the historic and biblical practice of Closed Communion.  In a nutshell, we do not ordinarily permit non-members (visitors, unconfirmed children, visiting family members who are not LCMS) to receive the Lord's Supper.  Yes, we know that in our modern era this practice has become increasingly taboo and a "turn off".  But rest assured that it is for your benefit that we continue to practice in this way.  Understand that, for centuries, churches throughout the world practiced Closed Communion without apology.  It's only recently that this has changed.  The change has come, in part, because individuals no longer have a high view of the Lord's Supper, but also because individuals, in general, do not care as much as they once did about sound, biblical theology.  As the church has drifted into a more experiential, emotional and individual thing, so too has sound theology and practice taken a back seat.  Well, at St. Paul's, we still care about sound theology and sound, biblical practice.  Remember, the supper is the LORD'S SUPPER and He sets the rules.  It is not that we want to offend you or that we don't care about your feelings.  Rather, it is BECAUSE we care that we do this.  Please speak to the pastor if you have questions.  We certainly want you to receive the Lord's true body and true blood along with us, as well as the benefits He gives, but we want you to do it rightly and in good faith.

After you complete the New Member Class, you will have an opportunity to confess your faith before the congregation in a formal Rite of Membership.  By the way, if you are transferring from another LCMS congregation (or a congregation in fellowship with the LCMS) you are not required to take the New Member Class, though we encourage it.  In either case, the Rite of Membership occurs during the Divine Service (Sunday morning) where all those joining the church will answer several questions and finally be welcomed as members.  There are other things going on behind the scenes as well: the Elders meet and approve the acceptance of new members, the council votes to approve new members, and the names of new members are printed and voted on in a voters meeting.  But you simply do the Rite of Membership on the appointed Sunday.

So, if you're interested in joining, the first step is to attend worship!  If you haven't been to St. Paul's or been to any of our services, why not start now?  Also, come and speak to the pastor.  He would love to chat with you and get to know you.  When you're ready, use the links to the right to get to the informational forms where the membership process starts.  If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask!

New Member Information Form

Member Transfer Form