Announcements for Nov 1, 2020

Newsletters will be emailed, mailed and stuffed in boxes today. Please check your church mailboxes so they don’t get too full. Pastor has included an article concerning voting. The article was published by the Minnesota North District.

Forgiven“, the 2021 Higher Things Youth Conference is coming this summer! Youth from 11 to 17 are encouraged to attend. Registration opens November 1st.

For more information on the conference, please visit, or speak to Madi or Pastor.

COVID-19/Coronavirus Information

Due to concerns over our handling of events, services, meetings, etc. at St. Paul’s, a few additional changes are being implemented beginning in November.

  1. We have changed the seating/pew layout in the Sanctuary in order to create a natural social distancing atmosphere but without losing available seating. While in the sanctuary for a service or other event, please take advantage of the new arrangement and please continue to practice compassionate social distancing.
  2. Staff and folks volunteering (ushering, serving, greeting, etc.) are required to wear masks when in gatherings such as in the Narthex, the kitchen, the fellowship hall. Sunday School teachers should wear masks when in large groups but may remove them in small classrooms settings. Those who do public speaking (pastor, readers, presenters) may remove their masks as long as a minimum of 10 feet is maintained between speaker and audience/congregation.
  3. We will continue to practice the Lord’s Supper as is currently done.
  4. Please spread out while in the fellowship hall. Families may sit together.
  5. Guests are REQUIRED to sign the Guest Book, in case “contact tracing” is necessary.
  6. If you are able to sing while wearing a mask, please do. If such makes participation in the service difficult, you may remove your mask, but please be sure you aren’t sitting near non-family.
  7. We will continue to livestream and improve our livestreaming. If you are not comfortable attending in person, please take advantage of the Facebook, YouTube or website livestreaming service. Further, if you would like private Communion, contact Pastor Carlson right away to set this up. He is more than happy to provide private/mid-week communion to individuals or small groups. The Lord’s Supper is vitally important and should not be neglected, even in pandemics.
  8. There are no plans as of now to cancel classes, Sunday School or other meetings. If it should happen that someone contracts the virus through in-church contact, we will quickly make changes to our schedules so to minimize the spread.

Do you know how to get to the livestreams or recorded videos?

The easiest way to view the livestreams or videos is by going to our website: and clicking the Livestream button. You can also view livestreams and recorded videos at facebook:, or by going to YouTube and searching for St. Paul’s Milaca (be SURE to Subscribe and Thumb’s up if you use YouTube). If all else fails, our livestream is also broadcast through a world-wide service called The Cross Worldwide Radio. This utilizes an Android or iOS app which you’ll have to install. This is an RSS Feed. Once installed, search for St. Paul’s Lutheran Milaca and subscribe/favorite it. We also utilize Periscope, but it’s quite difficult to maneuver so I don’t suggest going there.

Who to contact when Pastor is out of town/on vacation.

Yes, Pastor does get time off, and the district and synod are very clear about the need for pastoral vacations. But what happens if, when the pastor is on vacation (or at a conference or otherwise unreachable) there’s an emergency??

First, CONTACT YOUR ELDER. We currently have 4 elders; a fifth will be added in January. Every member of St. Paul’s has access to one of the elders for any spiritual need or churchly concern. If you aren’t sure who your elder is, contact the church to find out. And when it comes to concerns surrounding the church (or people in the church) it’s always better and truly Christian to keep communication official and to use proper channels rather than have conversations behind closed doors or allow information to become misinformation, gossip or downright lies. This is also done out of respect and love. So, contact your elder if you need to talk.

Second, CONTACT THE CHURCH. While our DCE Intern is limited to what she can do, and our secretary is also limited, they both have the ability to get you in contact with the right people or get you pointed in the right direction.

Third, CONTACT THE CHURCH PRESIDENT. While he is not really equipped to handle spiritual needs, he is certainly the best person to go to if there are church-related issues (maintenance, voting questions, policy questions, etc.). You can also contact a Trustee if there are security or maintenance issues on the church property.

Finally, if all else fails, CONTACT THE PASTOR. If you were not able to have the issue resolved through these means, and if this is a grave spiritual issue (death in the family, issue of faith, unforgiven sins, etc.), it’s time to call the pastor, even if he’s on vacation. He’ll do the best he can for you and he may have to refer you to someone close by if he’s out of town, but don’t be afraid to reach out if all else fails.

When the pastor is NOT on vacation, feel free to contact him first for any of these matters and he’ll do what he can to help.