Changing our Livestreaming


Over the past few months we have been going above and beyond in our livestreaming with the hopes to reach as many as we can with the service and the Gospel. By God’s grace, we will continue to improve where possible. We have also continued to learn and gain a better understanding of livestreaming and the best way to manage this service to you.

To that end, it’s become increasingly clear that Livestreaming to YouTube has proven to be a constant challenge. Unlike Facebook and our website, every time we do a stream to YouTube, someone must log into YouTube and manually setup the stream. YouTube does not currently function as Facebook where it remembers stream setup and automatically starts when our software tells it to.

Since we have volunteers running this system, and since circumstances may cause the pastor to miss the window to setup the YouTube stream, it is simply not possible to reliably stream to YouTube while continuing to keep our Facebook and website livestream working properly. Therefore we have decided that we are no longer going to livestream to YouTube.

Once YouTube improves its software so that streams can start automatically (and restart if there’s a problem) we will return to livestreaming there. Until that time — whenever it may be — please use either Facebook or our website to view the Divine Service livestreams, Bible Study livestreams or any other livestreams we offer.

We will, however, upload the recorded stream to YouTube for you to view, but it won’t be available until late Sunday or the Monday following. If you need help setting your Smart TV or other device up so that you can watch the livestream through our website or Facebook, just ask. You do NOT need a special account to watch on our website.

Thank you for your understanding.