Christmas Program Meeting

If you are interested in having your children or youth in St. Paul’s 2020 Christmas Program, this post is for you!

This Sunday, November 15th, following Sunday School (around 11 am), we will be meeting in the sanctuary to discuss this year’s Christmas Program.

We will be going over the accommodations we have made due to COVID, safety measures which will be in place, the program itself, and the schedules for practices.

If you cannot make it to this meeting, please let me (Madi) know ahead of time! You can email me ( or text/call me (218-244-2155). Since planning is critical to make this program as safe as it can be, if you do not let me know ahead of time or attend this meeting, your child/youth may not be able to participate in the program. We want as many participants as possible, we just need some communication to plan.

That being said, we are still planning on having the program in person on December 20th, but we have to be flexible as COVID regulations rapidly change and our situation could look completely different come December.

Please be patient with us as we try to continue with an enjoyable but safe program this year.