When thinking of what to put on this page, the first question I had to ask was: "What IS fellowship"?

There are probably a thousand different answers.  So to keep it simple, this is Fellowship at St. Paul's:

  • Fellowship within
  • Fellowship at home
  • Fellowship in the community

Fellowship Within

To have fellowship, there must be unity.  St. Paul's always seeks to acheive unity in our beliefs and in our practices.  This is the most edifying and fulfilling fellowship that can exist!  Thus, fellowship starts with Jesus and His Word. 

Beyond this, we enjoy fellowship with one another through the many classes, events, and opportunities we create for ourselves.  Setting aside the obvious (Divine Service, Sunday School and Bible Study), we also fellowship in other ways.  First, we always come together after the Service for a time to converse, laugh, and share concerns.  And what is fellowship without food and drink?  Between the Service and Sunday School, we eat and drink and laugh and talk.  That's what fellowship is all about.

But there's more.  The men in the congregation gather around Word and food every first Saturday of the month at 7:30 a.m.  All men are invited, members of St. Paul's or otherwise.  We talk about our lives, current events, and we spend some time in prayer and the Word.

We have youth fellowship for all the youth in the congregation.  They even have a great Youth Group Room to go hang out and make noise. 

Ultimately if you want to see how our church fellowships, come by and visit!  We would love to have you and fellowship with you too.


Fellowship At Home

Fellowship can't stop at the doors of the church.  It must be taken home.  Fellowship at home is about family and family is about teaching the faith.  St. Paul's works to equip parents with the tools they need to teach their kids about Jesus around the dinner table, before bed, and even before school.  The home is truly the best place to make fellowship and encourage fellowship.

Other opportunities for home fellowship are coming to the church even now.  Soon we may have things like home Bible studies, home support groups or book clubs, and other avenues for fellowship for members outside of St. Paul's.


Fellowship in the Community

Finally, St. Paul's is fellowshiping in the community!  Every family of St. Paul's lived in a community of other families and has friends and neighbors all communing together.  This is a great place to bring Jesus and His Word!

We also serve and fellowship with our community by opening our doors for special events and gatherings throughout the year.  Our annual Stew Supper is a staple in Milaca and Foreston.  Our Christmas program draws the community in, as well as other events and activities throughout the year.

We hope you can have fellowship with us.  We are always eager to meet you and speak to you in person.  Stop by St. Paul's any time. If you have a family member who attends St. Paul's, speak with them and ask them about us.  If you live near a St. Paul's member, get to know them and pray they get to know you!  We are all in this together, after all, and we will get through it with some fellowship, community, and prayer, and I pray that St. Paul's Lutheran Church can be a place for you to come for truth, honesty, friendship, love, forgiveness, and hope.