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Online giving that is convenient and quick!

Online giving is more and more becoming the standard for church donations.  Generation X is very comfortable using online giving platforms, as is Gen Y and Z.  Many people have given up in writing checks and many have stopped carrying cash.

If you are one such a person, then online giving is the way to go!  And let’s just be honest, churches depend on the gifts and tithes of their members.  St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, like every other church in the USA, is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization.  We don’t sell products or services and most everything we offer is offered at no cost.

Members of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, you are also instructed by the Lord to support the church through your service, talents, and your financial gifts.  While we cannot tell you how much to give, when to give, how to give, etc., we can offer counseling if needed to help you make faithful decisions about your giving and service.  Speak to the pastor if you are interested in gaining insights or education in your loving desire to support this ministry.

To give online, click the following button.  A giving form, provided by, will appear.  Simply fill out the required information and submit.  If you have a church envelope number, be sure to include it with your profile.

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