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1517 Academy

Christ For You

Beginning Sundays in August we will be using resources from the 1517 Academy, a resource of the 1517 Network.  The 1517 Network is a collaboration of professors, pastors, laypeople and other Confessional Lutherans working together to bring the message of the Gospel through podcasts, downloadable resources, and through the 1517 Academy, a collection of FREE courses designed for Christians who seek to dig deeper into the faith.

Watch the video to the left to learn about the 1517 Network.  And be sure to like and subscribe to the 1517 Facebook page!

Some of the presenters and contributors to the 1517 Network are available for in-person lectures.  Depending on how well this program is received at St. Paul’s, we may invite a speaker to come and present.

While most of the materials will be presented in the fellowship hall on the screen, you are welcome to create your own account at and enroll in any of the academic courses offered for free.  Simply visit the Courses Page, create an account, and enroll in any of the courses you desire.

All members of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church are encouraged to take part in our weekly Adult Study time on Sundays at 10:30 AM.  It is your Christian duty to take advantage of opportunities like Bible Study so that you grow ever more mature in the one true Christian faith and learn to fend against the whims of false doctrines and opinions of men.

3-Year Lectionary

Mid-Week Bible Study

Beginning in September the midweek Bible Study group will study one of the readings prescribed in the 3-Year Lectionary.  We will generally look at the Epistle, but be prepared for some variation.

As the children’s Sunday School will follow the lectionary for the weekly lessons, and as all members will be given a resource to help study and pray the lectionary, it is only appropriate that the midweek Bible Study also follow the lectionary.  

It is recommended that participants have access to an English Standard Version Bible, though Pastor may bring in other translations from time to time, and also read from the Greek or Hebrew if appropriate.  A full schedule will be created and available on our Schedules page and will include days off and variations to the readings, if any.

Midweek Bible Study will move to Thursday starting in August 2021.  Keep an eye on the weekly announcements.

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