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Online Giving

Making your online regular donation to St. Paul’s, or making a special donation, a memorial or honorarium, or a special gift is easy. All you need is a form of payment such as a credit card or your bank account.

Your security is important to us, which is why we rely on Stripe Billing, a worldwide processing service dedicated to security and low costs.

When you use your credit card or the ACH service, you have the option of increasing your gift by a very small amount to cover processing fees for this service. For ACH it’s 25 cents per transaction. For debit/credit card it’s a small percentage of your gift.

During this time, it is important to continue to support your church. You may be stuck at home but business at the church goes on, staff needs to be paid, lights need to be on, and things need to be ordered. Please prayerfully consider continuing your regular giving by either mailing in your weekly offering to the church or using this convenient online giving service. And since a new year is upon us, now is a great time to prayerfully consider increasing your gift by a few dollars each week, which will help this ministry continue.

To mail your gift to St. Paul’s, please write a check (DO NOT send cash) to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. Put your envelope number in the memo field OR enter a brief description of your gift (memorial, regular offering, special gift to a board, etc.). Mail your check to 12662 State Hwy 23, Milaca MN 56353 and be sure to put “ATTN: Financial Secretary” on the envelope so we know who to give it to.

Otherwise, to use our online giving service, click the Donate Now button below. You will be asked to log into your ChurchTrac account or create an account. ChurchTrac is our church registry and database system. If you’re a member, you already have an account. You just need to use your email address to access it. If you don’t know what email address we have assigned to your profile, you can quickly find out by contacting us and asking for a copy of your ChurchTrac profile. A PDF copy of your online profile will be emailed back (normally within a few hours) and you can use the information to log in and access your account for future giving and updates.