Current Study Topic: "Mere Christianity"
By C.S. Lewis


C.S. LewisBeginning July 6th, the book "Mere Christiantiy" by C.S. Lewis will be engaged through the use of a video series by Dr. Christopher Mitchell, the foremost scholar on C.S. Lewis and his books.  You should download the study guide (see below), read the book, and come prepared each month for discussion.

We will break up the study into 4 "books" just as it is in Mere Christianity.  Most of the study will be led by video presentations with a short time for questions and discussion.  If you do not have a copy of Mere Christianity, you can purchase one from  Please purchase the paperback edition, unless you have a device which can load a Kindle book.  There are also free editions of Mere Christianity available online as PDF downloads or online text.  As with the Kindle edition, you are welcome to use these versions if you have a phone or other device with you for the study.

Please use the following resources to help you and prepare you for the study.


Study Guide  Link to Videos