The last update of St. Paul's Lutheran Church Constitution and Bylaws was 2017.  You may read our Constitution by clicking below:

The Wedding Policy documents may be viewed by clicking the buttons below. 

  • Wedding Manual
  • Holy Matrimony at St. Paul's
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Application for Holy Matrimony

You may also view our policy for Funerals by clicking below

Interested in using St. Paul's for an event or meeting?  First read our Building Use Policy below.

  • Building Use Policy

St. Paul's Lutheran Church uses social media features such as AddThis to enable the sharing of content to other sites.  We also use an automation service called Zapier to distribute shared content to other sites.


Policies regarding digital media (photo, video, etc.) and how they're used publicly.

  • Photo and Video Use Policy
  • Opt-out Form