Scholarship Update, Noisy Offering, and Other News

The Scholarship Committee is working hard to reach $1,500.00 by the end of October to achieve the generous match of the same amount, from one of our congregation members. This past Sunday, they shared information about the Silent Auction Basket Fundraiser that will take place at this year’s stew supper to aid in achieving the $1,500 match. If you didn’t get the chance to grab a basket theme this past Sunday, please contact Stephanie, Sarah or Chad for one. All baskets and items are due back to St. Paul’s by Sunday, September 26th.

This Sunday is a NOISY OFFERING Sunday! Your noisy change goes toward the Scholarship Fund. Bring your loose change to church this Sunday and drop it in the noisy bucket as the kids walk by. And kids, BE SURE you come Sunday to help collect change!

Youth Group meets again this Sunday at 6:30. All youth, 9th – 12th grades are welcome and encouraged to attend! Parents, let’s instill a heart for church and Christian service in our kids! Bring them to Youth group.

This Sunday we begin a new series for Adult Bible Study: Christianity in America! Adults, stick around and learn much. You may never get such an opportunity to learn from an expert in American history (no, not Pastor Dan) regarding how the Christian church came, grew, flourished, and affected the United States from early colonial days to the 20th century.

2nd year Confirmation meets TONIGHT (Wednesday) at 6:30 pm. 1st Year meets Sunday at 10:30 AM.

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