Weekly Announcements

Stew Supper Success

We served over 200 guests (drive in or dine in) on Wednesday’s Stew Supper event. We brought in donations totaling over $3000. It was a wonderful night.

Thanks to all who put so much time and effort into making our annual Stew Supper so great!

Trunk or Treat

St. Paul’s will hold a fun and safe Trunk or Treat on Saturday, October 31st from 4pm until 6pm. We need folks with cars and a little time to decorate their cars and trunks and hand out candy. We have pre-selected themes available for you to select, or you may use your own ideas. Please keep your decorating Christian (no blood/gore, witches, warlocks, etc.). If you are unable to bring your car hand decorate it, consider helping in other ways such as: traffic control, making hot chocolate or hot apple cider, manning the photo booth, donating candy or decorating items. If you have questions, please ask DCE Intern Madi or Pastor Carlson. Note: if you need decorations, check out www.orientialtrading.com and browse through the Trunk or Treat sections.

Confirmation Sunday

Sunday, October 25th is Confirmation Sunday. Due to COVID-19, we have special guidelines for the congregation and any family members who are attending. These guidelines will be sent out via email soon and should be shared.

After the service a reception will be held in the Fellowship hall. This is the appropriate time to congratulate the confirmands. We will also take individual and group pictures. Confirmands, please leave your gowns on until the pastor instructs you to take them off. Thank you.

October Meetings

Voters Meeting, including elections, on Sunday, October 18th at 10:30am. Members, please plan on being at the Voters meeting.
Vision/Planning Meeting, Tuesday, October 20th at 5:30pm
Education Meeting, Wednesday, October 21st at 5:00pm


Minnesota guidelines allow for 1/2 full occupancy for churches. This means that we can house around 150 people reasonably and safely in our church. However, safe social-distancing should still be maintained along with the use of masks.

On normal Sundays or weekday meetings, we are not gathering in numbers more than 80 and this is fine. Should we have any special events where larger gatherings are not avoidable, certain additional steps will be taken to assure that the risk of any contraction is minimal:

  1. We provide hand cleaner throughout the facility;
  2. All visitors/guests will be asked to sign in on our guest registry and leave contact information. The guest registry will be placed in a predominant place;
  3. Seating in the sanctuary will be done in a safe way, maintaining social-distancing as much as possible;
  4. Should the sanctuary be too full, we ask attendees to use the Fellowship Hall where the service or event will be streamed on the big screen;
  5. Most events/services are livestreamed, so should anyone have a concern, or should anyone not feel well, the event or service can easily be viewed in real time from home;
  6. Further measures may be employed should there be need.

Schedule Updates

Due to MEA, NO CONFIRMATION this Wednesday. Confirmation students who are being confirmed on the 25th, you may come at 6pm this Wednesday for review if you wish.

Due to MEA, NO BIBLE STUDY this Wednesday.

NO SUNDAY SCHOOL on Sunday, October 18th (Voters Meeting)

NO SUNDAY SCHOOL on Sunday, October 25th (Confirmation Sunday)

2nd Year Confirmation Students, your Confirmation Questioning is Saturday, October 24th at 11:00am. Please be on time. Parents should attend this hour-long event.

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. Let your pastor know you appreciate him by praying for him and thanking him.

October 25th is Reformation Sunday. Use October as a month to brush up on the Small Catechism, read through the Augsburg Confession, or read about Dr. Martin Luther. We will have a special Reformation service on Sunday for our Divine Service.

A New Member Orientation is being offered soon. If you are interested in joining St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (LCMS), or if you are a member and would like to brush up on your Christian doctrine and Lutheran polity, please speak to Pastor right away. Starting this class depends on interest.

Pastor Carlson will be on vacation from November 1st through the 13th. If there are emergencies, please contact your elder. Pastor Don Polege (retired.) will preach on the 1st and 8th, and be available for any emergencies as well.